Claypot Fish

In VietNam, nothing reminds us more of our childhood memories more than Claypot Fish (Vietnamese Braised Fish in Claypot).While Pho may be a special treat to eat on occasional weekends, Claypot Fish is a dish that families routinely eat on a regular basis.


In this Vietnamese classic, two seemingly contradictory flavors— intensely sweet caramel and briny fish sauce—reach an enticing harmony by gently simmering together along with aromatic seasonings. Fish fillets, added during the final minutes of cooking, not only soak up the flavors but also acquire a deep mahogany color.

The sweet, savory and gooey goodness of the caramelized sauce of this dish is almost good enough to stand on it’s own mixed with plenty of rice.

Kampung Pandan serves the delicious claypot fish and let foreigners know how Vietnamese traditional food. Our Vietnamese chef cooks it in halal style but still keep the classic flavour.

Kampung Pandan & William